The ultimate upgrade: chips similar to those in a phone will perform true quantum computing

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The most powerful computer on the planet hasn’t yet been built. But we have the blueprint for putting it together. At Quantum Motion, we combine deep expertise in fault tolerant quantum architectures with the hardware knowledge to realise qubits in silicon.

The development of a fault tolerant quantum processor will open up possibilities far beyond the reach of today’s small quantum computers and even the emerging noisy intermediate scale quantum processors (NISQs). This technology will power high-impact applications in areas vital for human progress in the 21st century: in-software discovery of new chemicals, materials and drugs; the reduction of wastage through optimisation of resource usage; and enabling new models for AI and machine learning.

Our goal is to fast-track the development of true fault tolerant quantum computers and reach one million qubits and beyond by leveraging existing knowledge in device fabrication within the trillion-dollar silicon industry.

It is predicted that by 2025 there will be more silicon transistors on planet earth than human cells.

Creating qubits using conventional transistor process technology will be revolutionary in its democratising impact on the power of quantum computers.

At Quantum Motion we are marrying fifty years of global CMOS development with world-leading expertise in qubit design and architectures. Our team is transitioning this work away from theoretical research in universities to realise these designs in a real-world, manufacturable process.

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