Quantum Dot-Based Frequency Multiplier

Our team presents a quantum dot-based radio-frequency multiplier operated at cryogenic temperatures with enhanced efficiency over current classical counterparts. This work demonstrates that silicon quantum devices are useful today.

To build a scalable quantum computer classical electronics needs to operate in the fridge alongside quantum devices. Silicon offers the opportunity to integrate hybrid quantum-classical computing systems on a single platform that works at cryogenic temperatures.

Our quantum dot-based radio-frequency multiplier produces the high-frequency signals required for qubit control and readout on-chip in the fridge. The team demonstrate its experimental implementation via two methods: a quantum dot coupled to a reservoir and a double quantum dot.

The Quantum Motion team that achieved this work includes: Giovanni Oakes, Lorenzo Peri, Laurence Cochrane, Alberto Gómez Saiz and Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba. With support with colleagues at CEA-Leti, University of Cambridge and the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory.

PRX Quantum article