Quantum Motion opens new lab in London to build scalable quantum computer

Theo Blackwell opening Quantum Motion Lab

After a lot of anticipation we are excited to announce our official lab opening today.

We were joined by Theo Blackwell, MBE and Chief Digital Officer for the Mayor of London’s office for the opening ceremony, which included a bond-wire cutting over a PCB board as part of the ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony. Theo shared inspiring words with the team which included how smart cities, IoT and quantum computing will play a part in navigating the future of the London technology scene.

“The Quantum Motion lab is a great example of world-leading skills, investment and digital transition coming into London and the UK. Quantum computing promises to turn innovation into opportunity, it’s one of the most exciting and ambitious technologies and an industry we want to encourage into London. In the future, we hope that quantum computing will be able to solve problems faced by people across this city and elsewhere, such as looking for solutions to pollution and air quality, to transport congestion and beyond.” – Theo Blackwell, MBE