Quantum Motion attends APS March Meeting 2023: Who, What, Where, and When

Photo of Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Eight team members are heading to Las Vegas to attend this year’s American Physical Society’s (APS) March Meeting. The APS March Meeting brings together scientists and students from around the world to connect and collaborate across academia, industry, and major labs.

Quantum Motion team members will be presenting seven talks and one poster at this year’s conference. Find out who is speaking, when and where, also find links to the abstracts and research papers below:


A74.00007: An Elongated Quantum Dot as a Distributed Charge Sensor

Monday 6 March 2023, 9.36AM (GMT-8), Room 403/404

James Williams, Quantum Engineer

APS MM Abstract

Research Paper


F73.00007: Exponential Error Suppression Techniques for Near-Term Quantum Devices

Tuesday 7 March, 2023, 9.12AM (GMT-8), Room 405

Bálint Koczor, Senior Architecture Theorist

APS MM Abstract


F64.00010: Training Variational Quantum Circuits with CoVaR: Covariance root finding with classical shadows

Tuesday 7 March, 2023, 10.12AM (GMT-8), Room 415

Bálint Koczor, Senior Architecture Theorist

APS MM Abstract


G00.00286: Multicore Quantum Computing

Tuesday 7 March, 2023, 2.00PM (GMT-8), Exhibit Hall

Hamza Jnane, Architecture Theorist

APS March Abstract


M74.00012: Rapid Characterisation of Over 1000 Silicon Quantum Dots

Wednesday 8 March 2023, 10.36AM (GMT-8), Room 403/404

Mark Johnson, Senior Quantum Engineer

APS March Abstract

Quantum Motion Press Release

Blog: Measuring 1024 quantum dots in 12 minutes: How our diverse team collaborates to deliver world-leading results


N72.00009: Non-Reciprocal Pauli Spin Blockade in a Silicon Double Quantum Dot

Wednesday 8 March 2023, 1.06PM (GMT-8), Room 406

David Ibberson, Senior Quantum Engineer

APS March Abstract


N74.00009: CMOS On-chip Thermometry at Deep-Cryogenic Temperatures

Wednesday 8 March 2023, 1.30PM (GMT-8), Room 403/404

Grayson Noah, Senior IC Validation Engineer

APS March Abstract


Q74.00013: Electric-Dipole Spin Resonance of a Flopping Mode Acceptor-Dot Hybrid

Wednesday 8 March 2023, 5.48PM (GMT-8), Room 403/404

Felix-Ekkehard von Horstig, Quantum Engineer

APS March Abstract


Z74.00009: Dispersively Sensed Entangling Gate in Silicon Quantum Dots Fabricated on 300mm Wafers

Friday 10 March 2023, 1.30PM (GMT-8), Room 403/404

Jacob Chittock-Wood, Quantum Engineer

APS March Abstract